Lads and Lassies, buckle up as we continue down historic Route 66 to the city of Lincoln, IL. LITERALLY the Land of Lincoln. Not only was this city named for the great man, it was also named by Lincoln himself prior to becoming the president of the good ole’ US of A. Who knew deep down inside Lincoln was a bit of a diva?


Oh, Lincoln. Your love of your namesake is honorable. Your historical downtown with shops surrounding a courthouse town square is darling.  Your main street, Kickapoo Street is charming (I enjoy saying Kickapoo ::giggles:: I am a child) and lined with cute shops, restaurants and cafés. But what lead us to you, dear Lincoln? Your larger-than-life, Guinness World Record breaking covered wagon! This roadside attraction is kitschy AF and is definitely worth stopping by to see. We are not the only one who agree, countless fans traveling down Route 66 stop by to get their picture taken with this monumental Abraham Lincoln.

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Even my friend (and soon to be yours too) Clarence Coconuts had to stop and get his picture taken. Why is a sock monkey traveling with us to St. Louis? Because of reasons? Because I’m quirky AF? NO because A. I LOVE, LOVE me some sock monkeys and B. Clarence has his own Instagram page, come visit him at @CarryOnClarence) He’s the perfect travel companion because I can blast top 40 pop music without getting eyes rolled at me.

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Did I mention this wagon is huge? Abraham Lincoln is a WHOOPING 12 feet tall and the wagon is 24 feet tall. This town’s love of Lincoln runs deep AF. Care to see a record breaking attraction in the heart o’ Illinois? Stop on by at; 1750 5th Street, you literally CAN’T miss it. Stop by, take a photo or two, make your friends jelly.


For those who want less kitsch and more history, don’t worry darlin’, Lincoln, IL has got you covered! Stop by the Lincoln Heritage Museum, where you can “Learn from Lincoln, Live like Lincoln”. The museum LITERALLY dedicated to everything Lincoln. You can learn all about Lincoln’s life from early beginnings to the very gruesome end.

Are you thinkin’ like Lincoln too? Stop on by, the friendly folks at the museum are more than happy to share their incredible amount of knowledge with you!

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday:  9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Saturday:  1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Closed: Sundays & Lincoln College holidays and breaks.

Admission Fees

  • Adults (18+): $7.00

  • Youth: $4.00

  • Children under 6: free

  • Parking: free

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Going back to kitsch. I had to share this AMAZING Mid-Century sign from the days of yore (and by “the days of yore” I mean the 1950’s). The Tropics Dining Room and Cocktail Lounge was lovingly restored but the restaurant went under. It currently sits next to an abandoned McDonalds and a lackluster shopping center with an even more lackluster GoodWill (you KNOW it’s a bad thrift store if I leave without buying anything, just saying) This mid-century marvel is definitely worth stopping by at 1007 Hickox Drive, and since it is protected by the Route 66 Hall of Fame it shall survive as a reminder of the glory days of Route 66.

But now we are off! St. Louis waits for NO ONE! And I hear gooey butter cake calling me name (I think I need to reiterate again that I am off my diet this weekend) Onward hoe! ho! Onward to the Gateway City! Leggo!


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  1. I had no idea Lincoln named the city himself. Too funny! Seeing route 66 destinations fall by the wayside breaks my heart, but I’m glad that beautiful sign is protected.


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