Hotlanta, Illinois-style!

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Greetings boys and girls!  We are off to the “Gateway of the West” otherwise known as St. Louis, Missouri. However knowing us, you know we are all about the backdoors (giggity) backroads so we shall be traveling in kitschy fashion down the fabled Route 66! First stop is a town that is very dear to my heart, the tiny village of Atlanta, Illinois. We came upon this sweet lil old town five years ago and I constantly mention how I want to retire here one day to open an antique shop. Atlanta, which packs more kitschy (Hello! They do have a huge Paul Bunyan!) retro charm than any other place I can think of is a must stop when traveling down Route 66 in Illinois! It is incredibly darling, retro, full of European tourists and an all around wonderfully quirky hamlet to stop by and absorb some local quirkiness.


With a minscue population of under 1700, Atlanta may seem like it would be a one horse town but being smack dab on the Route 66 trail makes this kitschy burg a haven for tourists looking to bask in all the retro glory that is Route 66. When we were there the town was inundated with Spaniards traveling down Route 66, snapping pictures, posing and trying to decipher what exactly Red Velvet Cake is. To be fair, I didn’t know what Red Velvet Cake was until college, and I’m as American as apple pie.


Whatever you’re into (aside from bondage) Atlanta has got something to offer you! Artisan shopping, eclectic eateries, a museum (free by the way) colorful history and small town charm. Speaking of history, electic eateries, museums, small town charm AND shopping, shall we take care of all these things in one swoop? Why the fuck not? Onto the Palm Grill and Café!


Yes! The Palm Grill and Café serves SO many purposes for this little town. First, it provides delicious, old school food. Second it is also connected to the Atlanta History Museum and Route 66 Arcade Museum (two for the price of NOTHING! ::Throws confetti:: and lastly serves as a time machine (not literal, of course) that teleports you back to the 1940’s. P.S. The Greyhound does NOT stop here anymore.


Did I mention I am off my diet for the next 3 days? (I pray to sweet Jesus that my medium sized shirts and 32 inch waist shorts will hold up during this journey.) Eating at the historic Palm Grill and Café is always a treat. It was delicious and old school. This place may close at 3 pm during the week but you can get a old fashioned dinner anytime of the day! The same goes for any breakfast item. I was feeling old timey so I opted for the chicken tenderloin dinner with coleslaw. DELISH! And even better, no buttons have popped from any article of my clothing yet. They also have desserts though……, so, SO many desserts. #UhOh.


SO many old timey desserts! Alas for you bougie bitches, you won’t find trendy new desserts such as gluten free, lesbian-inspired macarons, or small batch, artisan, dark chocolate covered Acai berries. You’ll find stuff you’re grandmother probably made (if you’re grandma was OG) such as lemon cake, coconut crème and cherry pie.


Did I mention I am off the diet wagon this weekend? This lemon cake. THIS lemon cake. This is where it’s at! Sweet Jesus, so moist (possible giggity), so lemony, SO delicious! I was tempted to get another piece but history beckons! Attached to the Palm Grill and Café is the town museum where you can learn all about Atlanta’s proud history. Did I make ya hungry? Feel free to stop on by and say hi to the lovely folks at the Palm Grill and Café!

Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur – 10a-3p
Fri & Sat 10a-8p


The Atlanta History Museum has a bit of everything concerning the history of Atlanta. From it’s days as a farm town, it’s participation in the many wars this country has involved itself in, and of course the big man of the state; Abraham Lincoln. For more Lincoln-ness make sure to stop by nearby Lincoln, Illinois (the county seat) which not only renamed itself after the great man but also houses the Lincoln Heritage Museum.


Atlanta is also home to the Route 66 Arcade Museum, which features arcade games from the 1930’s up to the 1980’s. So those of you who are old enough can relive those childhood memories. Alas there is no real gift shop aside for some baseball caps and t-shirts for the local VA but one thing caught my eye and ended up coming home with me…. And no, it was not some townie (get your mind out of the gutter)


This freakin’ clock!!!! For a mere twenty dollars (they generally sell for a lot more online) this Kit-Kat clock (which I have since named Roberto) came home with me. What makes him awesome aside from being a cat that I can’t lose custody of? He’s completely made in America! Who know we actually made cool stuff here anymore that’s not super expensive/bougie AF? Roberto, I’m in love with you, I am in love with Atlanta, Illinois and I’m ready to get going down more Route 66! Onward Hoe, ho!


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