Do you ever pass by a restaurant, or bar, or bar/restaurant and are intrigued by what’s inside but never actually venture in? Let me tell you this, BITCH, go inside; you are bound to find something amazing. Just do it! (Giggity) because if you don’t, you may miss out on a hidden gem.

A few years ago, I went to a job interview in Des Plaines, Illinois—-the “City of Destiny” I’m not sure what kind of destiny one would find in Des Plaines, not something super exciting, but I digress. As a good Catholic schoolboy, I was taught that being on time was next to godliness, so I got to my job interview like 45 minutes early. Since there is not much going on on the fringes of Des Plaines, I decided to take a stroll around the area. Lo and behold, I find a log cabin near the intersection of Potter Road and Church Street. Since I had to get to an interview, I made a mental note of this oddity and went to my interview. Long story short, I didn’t get the job, and four years passed before this log cabin would cross my mind again.

So I have two former coworkers who love random shit, random eateries, and random bars, and when we were deciding on unique places to go in the suburbs, this log cabin popped up in my mind. I am so thrilled we picked this place; it is legit a hidden treasure, a great assortment of American & Polish cuisine, and the craziest beer garden décor EVER!

It’s a jumble; that’s the only way you can describe the decor; pirate meets Cracker Barrel, I guess would be a good description.

There was SO much kitsch; I would never think a Polish-American place would have such craziness going on. The nice thing, despite the weather, is lovely; we had the entire beer garden to ourselves. So clearly, being the typical tourist, took tons of pictures, cuz we some basic bitches.

I seriously cannot wait to come back here once summer arrives and it’s all green and lush

The seating is rustic but shady, comfortable, and the staff is attentive AF. PLUS, they make a mean ass rum and diet. Don’t believe you can fuck up a Rum and Coke, go to a shitty bar, you will learn the hard way you can screw up an easy high ball.

Pierogis!! How often do you find pierogis in a Chicagoland beer garden? I have yet to find a place with them, but these potato and cheese ones (sprinkled with bacon for good measure) were amazing. I shared them because hoes are trying to get less thicc after lockdown.

The Koi are HUGE! Like the size of cats, they’re amazing and beg for treats like there is no tomorrow.

And as always, “Hoes before Cov!” Cheers bitches! I hope this encourages you to try that restaurant, bar, whatever you’ve wanted to try. If Covid has taught us anything, nothing lasts forever, not even dining/drinking establishments. With SO many places still struggling, drop a few bucks and get your drink on; I’m sure you’ll have a great time!


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