It told you we would be back soon—-and this time we are sans Patti to visit the “City of Brotherly Love” for a long weekend. Some along for some historicalness, chonkiness and drankz, for we are going to soak up Philly!


Philadelphia is a historic city and clearly, we needed to start our trip in the most historic (and bougie) section of the city—Society Hill. Society Hill, a darling neighborhood of historic row houses, which was home to Philadelphia’s original high rollers is perfectly preserved, tastefully decorated and a living museum of what life was like in Philly in the 17th century. Society Hill is named after the 17th-century Free Society of Traders, basically the movers and shakers(and Quakers) of Philly (merchants, land owners and people who worked for Willian Penn—-yes, THE William Penn!


However, it wasn’t always classy AF as you see it today. Like every major city, Philadelphia suffered the ills of blight, negligent owners and white flight, leaving once flourishing and exclusive neighborhoods to literally rot (look at North Philadelphia). By the 1940’s Society Hill was on the bottom of Philly’s social economic scale, incredibly blighted and one of the worst slums in the city.  By the 1960’s civic pride(oh hi, Urban Renewal) kicked in and this neighborhood was polished up like a knob (giggity) and painstakingly restored to the showplace that it currently is!


What’s another word to describe Society Hill aside from darling—-EXPENSIVE!! Bocce Balls, these rowhouses sell for well over a million dollars but how can you put a price on such character, such charm, and such classical beauty? Seriously if you wish to soak up local and exclusive history, Society Hill is a must! Just a few steps from bustling (well not super bustling) downtown, this place is a  delightful time warp.


And now cocktail time…..HISTORIC cocktail time!


Well, sort of historic. City Tavern is a historic recreation but a damn good one. As someone who has a background in historical research, I legit couldn’t tell the building was relatively new. The staff is dressed like it’s the 17th century, the food is historically accurate and of course…there’s historical libations (I used a big, Catholic school word there)


Historic Beer is what Jared had and he loved each one. I mean who wouldn’t like some beer linked to George Washington or Alexander Hamilton? Can’t think of anyone? Neither can I! Moving on!


But I’m a classy bitch and ordered a historic Colonial Raspberry Shrub, which apparently Martha Washington was a fan of. I’m not even the biggest fan of raspberries but this drink rocked my world. Bocce balls! So much, in fact, I googled the recipe on how to make it at home. It’s super strong (mine had rum) and delightfully goes down smooth (oooooo gurllllllll)

More exploring to come, you’ll be reading a lot about Philly since I took so many damn pictures and we explored SO damn much of the city (I have the blisters to prove it) so stay tuned as we explore this historic burg!

Much love from the “City of Brotherly Love”!!!

-Anthony & Jared.

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