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We are thrilled you stopped by to visit us! This entry is to give a little background about us, who we are, what we are all about and how FABULOUS we are. Jared and I met almost eight years ago online (January 2019 will be year eight of this magical journey called a relationship) and have been traveling the Midwest ever since. It all started with an OkCupid date at the Chicago Brauhaus (since shuttered) followed by attempting to bowl at Lincoln Square Lanes (since burned down) and the rest is history.


Jared, is a native of suburban Buffalo, New York and is the driver on these magical adventures simply because I am too much of a lush and a horrible driver to even attempt to drive the back roads of the American Midwest. Don’t let his suburban good looks fool you, he’s an avid urban explorer who will venture to some of the most blighted, abandoned, and desolate places to take a good photo or two. When he’s not gallivanting around like a gay Laura Croft you can find him online (and no, I don’t mean “online” in the kind of way you dirty minded bitches be thinking….get your mind out of the gutter!) on eBay, he’s a well seasoned eBay seller, which is his primary job. Feel free to check out his online store at; https://www.ebay.com/str/jkachelmeyerbooksandmore. When he’s not slaving away over a hot laptop you can find Jared biking throughout the city and throughout the Great Lakes region, drinking craft beer like a hipster, cooking elaborate ethnic dishes, collecting antique barware, shopping at estate sales, and creating messes in freshly cleaned rooms.


Anthony (myself) is a born and raised Chicagoan ( Technically I was born in Evanston, Illinois, lived there for a whopping 4 days then moved to my home parent’s house in Chicago, but no one is THAT technical–so calm your tits). I am strongly passionate about everything Chicago, especially Chicago history, so if you do travel with me you will be subjugated to so much history you may wish never to travel with me again! When I am not touring the Midwest, you’ll find me spending 40 hours a week in a glorified paper pusher position that pays relatively well and helps support my many hobbies, obsessions and vices! When I’m not being bored out of my mind at work, you can find me at a bar (surprise, surprise), thrifting, antiquing, urban gardening, trying to lure people into trying my retro recipe concoctions, being an avid sock monkey collector, exploring coffee shops, and traveling solo via MegaBus and Amtrak on super inexpensive day trips.

So why travel the Midwest, especially as someone of the LGBT community? Isn’t the Midwest just filled with corn, rednecks and rednecks eating corn? Hells yes! But there is a lot more than just that. The Midwest has delicious food (sorry for all you dieters, y’all going to gain at least 5lbs while on a Midwestern vacation, trust me) quirky roadside attractions (SO. MUCH. DAMN. KITSCH) amazing architecture, charming towns, amazing antique stores, craft breweries, and yes, a homo here and there. So yes, even in the reddest of states, you can still find a rainbow. So please come with us as we explore Chicago, the Midwest, and all the rest. Buckle up bitches, dem back roads are bumpy.

-Anthony & Jared











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